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First thing this morning Patently Apple posted a report titled "Apple Fans in South Korea Jam SK Telecom Store to the get their hands on the new iPhone X." The report focused on the action of the three wireless carriers. This afternoon a new report has surfaced covering the action at Frisbee, the largest Apple premium reseller Korea, where Apple fans stood out in the sleet to get their hands on the new iPhone X at Midnight Friday in Gangnam. 


The report noted that "Apple vendor Frisbee started sales of the model at midnight Friday at its branch in Gangnam District, southern Seoul, and about 200 people lined up despite snowy weather.


The first customer was a high school senior who took the College Scholastic Aptitude Test earlier in the day, according to industry sources. Sales at the shop continued until past 2 a.m.


Another Frisbee store in Myeongdong, central Seoul, which opened at 8 a.m., had tens of people lining up."


The Headline from the a Korean daily say it all: "iPhone X starts sales in Korea and aficionados go berserk." It's a very telling headline. Meaning, Samsung fans never go Berserk to get their hands on the new Galaxy phones. That must drive Samsung crazy. How can they not 'copy' Apple's magic!


The report further noted that "Sohn Hyun-gi, a 26-year-old owner of an iPhone 6S, waited for a week in front of KT Square in Jung District, central Seoul to become the first person in Korea to get Apple's 10th anniversary iPhone X smartphone from KT on Friday.


The last such dedicated Apple aficionado, eager to get an iPhone 8 when it was released on Nov. 3, waited outside the same KT branch - but only for 66 hours.


Sohn, who is working on his own start-up after quitting a job, has been an avid fan of Apple's iPhone since it first arrived in Seoul in 2009.


The telecommunication company KT offered Sohn free use of its unlimited data streaming, which usually costs 76,890 won ($70.83) per month.


Despite being the most expensive iPhone ever - and its price tag in Korea is particularly steep - the release of the iPhone X Friday created significant buzz."


Patently Apple reported on Wednesday that Apple's first Flagship Store will be opening in Seoul some time after December 24, 2017. The exact date of the opening of their two-story town hall (or store) has yet to be determined.


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