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Apple's Chief Designer Interviewed by Wallpaper Magazine about Apple Park, the Steve Jobs Theater & Pushing Technology

1 X 2017 - cover Steve Jobs Theater



Last year Patently Apple posted a report about the newly renovated Regent Street Apple Store in London with a number of jumbo photos. Jony Ive spoke to Wallpaper design news stating: "Like many great cities, London's historic architecture has great significance to the community. On Regent Street, we preserved the incredible exterior façade while opening up the interior of the store to enhance the transparency and flood the space with natural light. By choosing materials sympathetic to the historic nature of the building, we're able to modernize the space while remaining authentic to its surrounds. The actual building features a Grade II Listed exterior façade of portland stone, carrara marble, and hand-cut Venetian Smalti glass tile."


Earlier today I posted another follow-up report on the Apple Piazza Liberty Store in Milan that is stunning and innovative and Apple just opened their new Apple Michigan Avenue Store on Oct 20. Apple is almost known for the creative Apple Store designs as they are products. This afternoon we got a glimpse of the new Wallpaper magazine interview with Apple's Design Chief Jonathan Ive about Apple Park, the Steve Jobs Theater and pushing technology.


2X cover staircase to the Steve Jobs Theater

This year's iPhone event was to roll out the biggest change to the iPhone since it originally debuted in 2007 and anticipation was almost feverish. Yet for most golden ticket holders to the event, the excitement and buzz was heightened even more because the iPhone X was being unveiled in the all-new Steve Jobs Theater – and then after the event, shown to reviewers around the world in a new hands-on area that is stunning unto itself.


Wallpaper noted that "This was the first up-close mass sighting of the most talked-about new building in the world, a $5bn, or so it's said, Foster + Partners-designed loop of glass, aluminum, limestone and concrete and Apple's new HQ. Guests worked their way up an artificial hill, part of 175 acres of undulating new landscape where once was dead-flat parking facility and dull corporate sheds, most of it owned by Hewlett-Packard. This engineered topography, a fantasy of California, gentle and abundant, was borne of the earth removed to make way for the new building's earthquake-proof foundations, and has been planted with 9,000 trees, including cherry, apricot, apple, persimmon and pear.


'Everything in this theatre, every detail, everything you see around you, is a totally integrated collaboration with Jony Ive [Apple's chief design officer] and his design studio. Over the last nine years, we have become almost one. We talk together all the time, sit and sketch. This is not a Foster + Partners building.'


From the open space above ground, you descend to the auditorium on a curving limestone staircase with a carved, recessed handrail on one side and a gently angular stone slab on the other. 'This whole space should feel carved and it is a carved handrail in a carved space.'


At times, the project pulled in 250 Foster + Partners architects, involving plenty of transatlantic travel and the set-up of a permanent outpost, working alongside Ive's industrial design team. But if the details were worked out with Ive, the big vision also belonged to Apple's co-founder Steve Jobs, who first met with Norman Foster in 2009 and was much consumed by Apple Park during the last two years of his life (he passed away in 2011). That vision was of making work as much like a walk in the park as possible. More pragmatically, it was about bringing together a workforce housed in 100 separate buildings, then choreographing levels of integration and collaboration. 


Beyond the new Apple Park building dubbed the Ring, Wallpaper noted Jony Ive talking about pushing technology. The report noted: "Now Ive and his team have to work out where that challenge takes them next. 'We are a fairly tenacious group of designers who are absurdly curious and constantly looking for alternatives. Some of them we can understand right here, right now. Some of them are beyond the technology of the moment. They exist as ideas, they exist to galvanize the development of technology. And some will bear fruit and others won't.'


One More Thing  


To get us all thinking, there's one more thing that Ive said that can't be overlooked:
"What I think is remarkable about the iPhone X is that its functionality is so determined by software. And because of the fluid nature of software, this product is going to change and evolve. In 12 months’ time, this object will be able to do things that it can’t now. I think that is extraordinary. I think we will look back on it and see it as a very significant point in terms of the products we have been developing.

You could read this rich report in detail over at Wallpaper here


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