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This year's all-new 10.5" iPad Pro along with the updated 12.5" model that launched on June 5th introduced an amazing new display technology. While Apple's iPad has always offered the ultimate Multi-Touch experience, the redesigned Retina display on iPad Pro set a whole new standard. It’s not just brighter and less reflective — with ProMotion technology, it’s also far more responsive. So whether you’re scrolling through pages in Safari or playing an intense 3D game, everything feels utterly smooth, fast, and immersive.


2 X 2017 -IPAD PRO ProMotion Technology

The tech site iMore wrote an extensive article on Apple's new ProMotion technology later in June and it was very clear that the author was absolutely in love with Apple's new display technology by drilling down on the details. The author noted at the end of the article that "Like the Retina Display and Wide Color, we suspect that ProMotion will make its way to the Mac and iPhone over the next few years — especially if the iPhone gets its own Apple Pencil-style tool down the road [as patents have pointed to]. And when it comes to those devices, it's going to feel like just as big of an update as it does to the iPad Pro line right now."


Apple's EU Trademark Filing for 'ProMotion'


3 X 2017 - EU ProMotion TM FILING

Apple filed their new trademark filing in Europe on Friday as noted in the graphic above and specifically filed it under International Class 009 which confirms what iMore was hoping for, in part, as ProMotion is registered as applying to the iPhone and perhaps beyond. Apple's coverage under Class 009 specifically covers the following:


"Computer graphics software; computers; computer display screens; handheld mobile digital electronic devices used as a telephone, personal digital assistant, electronic personal organizer, and electronic notepad computer, and used to access the Internet, electronic mail, digital audio and video, and other digital data; computer display screen software."


While the Mac could be a little iffy within Apple legal's choice of vague verbiage that notes the generic term "computer display screens," an iPhone on the other hand is rather straight forward. 


For the record, Apple also filed for ARKit (#017486085) and HomePod (#017491961) trademarks in Europe late last week.


While talking about the possible crossover of technology from the iPad to the Mac, a new rumor has emerged overnight. The 9to5Mac report states that "According to information available via the BridgeOS 2.0 software package from Apple, it appears that the iMac Pro will feature an ARM co-processor in the form of an A10 Fusion chip. This would mark the first time that a Mac has used an A-series chip designed by Apple.  Furthermore, he explains that the A10 Fusion chip in the iMac Pro could be used for always-on 'Hey, Siri,' a feature that’s currently missing from the macOS version of Siri." For more on this, read the full report here.


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