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IDC's latest report on PC sales in the European, Middle East and African Markets (EMEA) was published last Friday and once again Apple failed to make the top five vendors list, even with introducing new iMacs and MacBook Pros in June.



Malini Paul, senior research analyst, IDC Western European Personal Computing Devices noted for the report that "The overall Western European traditional PC market showed clear signs of strength. Although notebooks remained the primary growth driver, desktops emerged as a stronger category, declining at a softer rate. But results were varied within the region. While southern Europe witnessed solid results with Spain, Portugal, and Greece finally opening up their IT wallets for PCs, the Nordics slumped after several quarters of solid growth. Among the three big Western European economies, France outperformed Germany and the U.K."


With the strength of Windows PC's, especially notebooks in the EMEA market, it's no wonder that Microsoft will be holding their October 31st event in London to launch their all-new Windows + Qualcomm devices.


The new hybrid 2-in-1 devices (notebook/tablets) will be marketed as "Always On" devices like your smartphone and use the same ARM type processors to achieve that. The top four PC vendors shown on the IDC leadership chart above will be delivering these new devices at the London event.


Although the devices are likely to be limited to cellular data connectivity, there's a chance, although a long shot, that Microsoft may also make voice connectivity an option via smart wireless earbuds.


Microsoft let it be known earlier this month via Joe Belfiore's blog that the Windows phone is dead. The timing of the announcement was odd and it could be that they're going to take a different tactic to the phone market by offering cellphone connectivity for the new hybrid notebooks. Once again, it's a long shot, but we'll know in a week's time if that option will be introduced.


With smartphones like the iPhone X crossing into the US$1200 range ($1500 Canadian), there's an opportunity here for a hybrid device with voice connectivity built-in to tempt some users like professionals to think differently about mobile and shift away from a smartphone.


It's probably too smart an idea for Microsoft, but it may be something that Qualcomm could be pushing. Maybe it's time to shake up the status quo and challenge smartphones at the high end with a different kind of value.


For more details on the IDC PC report for EMEA, click here.


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