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Back in June Apple's CEO Tim Cook confirmed and admitted that their autonomous vehicle project was the "Mother of all AI Projects." While Chief Operating Officer Jeff Williams is in Taiwan to celebrate TSMC's 30th Anniversary, he noted that "I think we're at an inflection point, with on-device computing, coupled with the potential of AI, to really change the world." He further noted that "AI could be used to change the way healthcare is delivered, an industry he sees as "ripe" for change.


At Monday's event, TSMC's founder and Chairman Morris Chang who set to retire next year, described his company's relationship with Apple as "intense." TSMC's 7nm and 5nm processors will carry technology that will assist iPhones to push AI, Deep Learning and AR.


While at the TSMC celebration, Williams also stated that "We think that the frameworks that we've got, the 'neural engines' we've put in the phone, in the watch ... we do view that as a huge piece of the future, we believe these frameworks will allow developers to create apps that will do more and more in this space, so we think the phone is a major platform."


Williams also noted that technological innovations, especially involving the cloud and on-device processing, will improve life without sacrificing privacy or security. For more on this report, read the full Reuters report here.


In a few Patently Apple reports posted earlier this month (one and two) I emphasized that Google was declaring war on Apple by focusing their message and products on all-things AI and machine learning. Google feels that they have a huge lead in AI and Deep Learning over Apple and they're going to exploit it for all it's worth going forward.


The starting flag was waved by Google last year in a dramatic presentation that I dubbed the "Google Manifesto."


2 2017 Apple A11 Bionic neural engine

Both Williams and Phil Schiller pounded the table during September's iPhone event and clearly illustrated that Apple was going to up their game in all-things AI and Deep Learning as Williams reiterated today about introducing their new 'Neural Engines' and more. This is where the next revolution rests and it's great to hear that message from Apple's executives on an ongoing basis.


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