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It's being reported by The Financial Times today that Apple is eyeing The Culver Studios where films like Gone with the Wind and The Matrix were shot, as a base for its big push into Hollywood productions. That would be a major leap forward in the minds of those in the industry and for Apple fans wanting Apple to finally take their Apple TV dream to the next level.


Apple is reportedly in talks to move its origInal content division to The Culver Studios, whose former owners included Cecil B DeMille and Howard Huges. Apple's interest in a studio which has been central to Hollywood movie-making for close to a century, comes amid an intensifying Silicon Valley battle for the best movie scripts and television projects.


The report further noted that "The Culver Studios would give Apple room to expand as it hires top Hollywood talent, according to three people familiar with the discussions. The site has 13 soundstages up to 32,000 sq ft in size that can accommodate TV show shoots and full-length feature film work. But Apple is mainly looking for office space, albeit in an iconic location that signals its ambitions to become a big force in Hollywood.


Among the projects Apple is vying for is a high-profile drama starring Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon, set on a morning TV chat show. The company is bidding against the likes of Netflix for rights to the drama, according to people familiar with the discussions, in a sign that Apple is considering premium productions akin to those found on HBO, the TV network." 


The studio has been behind content created for Google and Amazon, like the movie 'Manchester by the Sea'.


Will Apple be willing to break their piggy bank to finally get their name behind some professional content for Apple TV or will be stuck with home grown content that isn't winning over many fans beyond their core audience? I'm hoping like you that they'll finally get on the board with something great, but I just won't hold my breath. Though in the end, the question really is: will Apple take the blue pill or the red pill? That's what will determine Apple's content future.




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