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Patently Apple noted in a report about a year ago that Apple's CEO had stated "if you've ever seen what can be created with that pencil on an iPad or an iPhone, it's really unbelievable." The statement confirmed that Cook had obviously experienced using an iPhone prototype with an Apple Pencil.


A granted patent report in 2015 pointed to an iPhone using an Apple Pencil and another supporting patent on this feature for iPhone surfaced in 2016. Yesterday Samsung introduced their Note 8 after recalling their Note 7 due to a series of dangerous fires. It's widely expected that Apple will at some point in time directly introduce an iPhone that will be able to use a smaller next-gen Apple Pencil for note-taking to further challenging Samsung and more specifically their Note smartphone niche.


Today two more patent applications from Apple about Apple pencil working with a smartphone have surfaced. For the first time, Apple's patent verbiage actually listed the 'iPhone' as a target product for Apple Pencil.


In patent application 20170242499 titled "Noise Correction for a Stylus Touch Device," Apple notes that their patent figure 1 shows a touch screen such as a 'smartphone or tablet.' The patent later specifically clarifies that the smartphone and tablet are indeed an iPhone and iPad.


The patents cover an active stylus LCD device that mitigates noise induced by one or more electrical components of the display, and a method for mitigating LCD circuitry noise in an active stylus touch device. The invention is intended to enable a more accurate and precise detection of stylus positions.


Apple claims in their latest iPad Pro marketing materials that "The increased refresh rate of the new iPad Pro display makes Apple Pencil2 feel even more responsive and natural. No other digital pencil lets you write, mark up, and draw with such pixel-perfect precision." The patents revealed today are behind creating such precision for such things as writing that is important in a form factor like the iPhone which would focus more on note-taking than drawing.


Apple's patents were originally filed in February 2016 and published today by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Although Apple's 2016 patent filing has been the best proof thus far that an Apple Pencil is destined to work with an iPhone for note-taking, drawing and even editing an iMovie, today's patent goes into the growing list of patents supporting this eventual development.


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