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One of the things that we learned last week was that Apple is planning to upgrade their Apple TV device with the ability to play 4K content upgrade for its TV box. More importantly, Apple will support content playing on TV's capable of delivering the new High Dynamic Range (HDR) video standard. HDR reportedly produces more accurate colors and a brighter picture.


Bloomberg reported last week that in order to play 4K and HDR content, Apple will need deals with content makers that can provide video in these new formats. "Apple has begun discussions with movie studios about supplying 4K versions of movies via iTunes, according to people familiar with the talks. The company has also discussed its 4K video ambitions with content companies that already have apps on Apple TV, another person said. Popular video apps on the Apple TV that support 4K on other platforms include Vevo and Netflix."


What the Bloomberg report failed to clarify is that Apple will be supporting more than just basic HDR. Apple will be supporting the new HDR10+ standard that was first introduced back in April of this year. More specifically, HDR10+ technology that was developed by Samsung


In a new report published today we learn that Samsung has agreed to join 20th Century Fox and Panasonic to expand the ecosystem for HDR10+ technology. The agreement is aimed at inducing more TV producers and movie productions to join the ecosystem for the new technology, Samsung said.


Samsung noted in their April press release that "There are numerous other benefits to HDR10+ that will hasten the adoption of this new standard across digital devices. Unlike many competitors, it is royalty free, so TV manufacturers can adopt it at no cost. It also has system flexibility, meaning it can allow a variety of users, from movie studios and filmmakers to television and device manufacturers, to incorporate this technology and improve the viewing experience for audiences."


Samsung plans to host the QLED & HDR10+ Summit on the sidelines of the Internationale Funkausstellung in Berlin, which kicks off for a six-day run on Sept. 1, inviting business partners to promote the technology.


Lastly, earlier this month an iOS developer in Brazil known as Rambo was first to notice Apple TV code supporting HDR. He was asked which format Apple would support, HDR10+ or the Dolby Vision. He retweeted the code shows that Apple will be supporting both standards as noted below.



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