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Last Friday Patently Apple posted a report titled "A new Samsung Patent Reveals a Major Smart Speaker System for the Home that Includes a Projector & more." The emphasis of the invention was to cover the entire home with a smart speaker system that includes a camera, display and projector. How serious is Samsung about delivering a smart speaker system? Very – and in fact they're setting their eyes on dominating this emerging market in short order. With their Android smartphone advantage, it's very possible that they could pull this off.  Yet with any new market, there's never a guarantee.


After Samsung unveiled their new Note 8 smartphone, Samsung's president confirmed that a smart speaker was in fact coming to market soon. Today we're learning more about a private presentation on the speaker that they held after their New York keynote.


A new report published today notes that "Samsung Electronics believes that it will be able to get the lead in the AI speaker market at one burst based on its advantages in home appliances and smartphones. Koh Dong-Jin, president of Samsung's mobile business division, also said, 'Samsung Electronics is the only total electronics producer around the world. We have no choice but to use our strength.'"


At the special presentation Patrick Chomet, vice president and head of the product strategy team at mobile division at Samsung Electronics, said that Samsung could lead any large-scale revolution with any device. As time goes by, Samsung's AI speakers will have better competitiveness.  


Chomet further noted that "Amazon's Alexa achieved a success but the current AI speaker market is so small with tens of millions of units. There will be billions of AI speakers in the market within three to five years."


Market researcher Gartner also claimed that "One in four customers will use more than two AI speakers in 2020. The market will grow by six times from US$360 million (403.56 billion won) in 2015 to US$2.1 billion (2.35 trillion won) in 2020."


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