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Apple had a deadline for responding to Samsung's mid-March petition for writ of certiorari" (request for Supreme Court review) in the second California Apple v. Samsung case, which had received very significant support from software and Internet companies, non-governmental, reports FOSS Patents.


In its filing Monday, Apple argued that the lower court's ruling was correct and that the case wasn't worth consideration by the Supreme Court because the patent laws themselves weren't in dispute. It also said that even if the issues were in dispute, the case isn't a good one to use for setting new legal precedent.


Specifically, Apple noted in their filing that "Samsung's petition challenges two Federal Circuit decisions, neither of which implicates any broad or disputed question of substantive patent law. The petition should be denied."


You could view Apple's 'Brief in Opposition" in Full here and read some analysis of this filing at FOSS Patents here.


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