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In 2015 Patently Apple posted a report titled "Swiss Watchmaker Swatch Sticks it in Apple's Eye with new Trademark 'One More Thing.' Now the watchmaker Swatch, as our cover graphic illustrates, uses the marketing phrase "Tick Different" on their watch and Apple is suing them for being too close to their "Think Different" trademark.


According to the Swiss article, Apple's case against Swatch regarding "One More Thing" has gone nowhere so far and the complications for winning this recent case over 'Tick Different' is even more complicated.


According to the Swiss report, in order to convince the Swiss judge of their position, Apple would have to prove that their saying 'Think Different' has a degree of knowledge of more than fifty percent in Switzerland. That's where the case is stuck and Apple may have a hard time proving that their slogan, now 20 years old, can be remembered by 50% of the Swiss population. More than likely, Swatch will continue with their slogan without fear of it being legally forced to remove it.


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