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According to a newly published report today we learn that Samsung's new flagship smartphone Galaxy S8 is expected to use new 3-D Force Touch technology similar to Apple's Force Touch for a new 'virtual home button' that will appear at the bottom of the display. Samsung's fingerprint-scanner will be relocated to the backside of the S8.


The report further noted that "industry sources" revealed today that "Samsung Display, the display-making unit of tech giant Samsung Electronics, is currently working on a pressure-sensitive touch display based on organic light-emitting diodes for Apple's upcoming iPhone 8." The Korea Herald believes this source lock, stock and barrel. It's not developing it for the future, but rather for the iPhone 8, end of discussion.


In addition they noted that "Ahead of the highly anticipated debut of the new iPhone -- the first OLED iPhone -- in September, Samsung Display, the sole OLED supplier, has been ramping up efforts to incorporate a 3D Touch sensor to the display screen."


Yet in the bigger picture, we have to remember that "Apple Suppliers GIS and TKP are Building New Capacity to Handle Apple's Next-Gen 3D OLED Touch Panels." I noted in last week's report that the new iPhone 8 would use AMOLED panels and the "matched 3D touch solution would be based on thin film instead of glass adapted to existing iPhones."


Our report also pointed out the huge investments that both GIS and TKP are making to keep Apple's business. I rather doubt that these two suppliers would have committed to new plants if Apple didn't likewise make a commitment to them. So in the end perhaps both stories likely have a piece of the Apple supply chain puzzle.


There's always some wiggle room in these reports because rumors and "industry sources" usually only get a part of the bigger story at any given time anyway. Apple's Tim Cook has always warned about jumping to conclusions based on the word of a single source because Apple shifts and adds sources on an ongoing basis for a myriad of reasons. For more on this story, read the full Korea Herald report here.


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