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On January 22, Patently Apple posted a report titled "Samsung and Experts Point to a Short Circuit in the Batteries as the Fault of the Note7 Fires." Samsung produced a brief video that first outlined the problems related to the Note 7 batteries that lead to a second part of the video that introduced their new quality controls.



Today, Samsung Electronics officially announced that they've set up an office in charge of improving product quality. The move is the latest step for the company to recover from the humiliating global recall of its Galaxy Note 7 smartphones last year and regain consumer confidence.


"An office for global product quality improvements directly under CEO Kwon Oh-hyun has been created, with Kim Jong-ho, the production head of Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI), at the helm," Samsung said in a South Korean press release.


"Kim, a top manufacturing expert, will lead the firm's moves to improve product quality and manufacturing across its businesses."


The world's largest smartphone maker killed off its latest flagship smartphone only two months after it started selling them in August, following reports some of the devices were catching fire while charging.


On Jan. 23, Samsung blamed the poorly designed and manufactured batteries for the overheating problem and Samsung Electronics' mobile chief Koh Dong-jin vowed to enhance product stability to prevent the recurrence of such accidents.


In the aftermath of the Note 7 setback, Samsung Electronics surrendered the top spot to its archrival Apple in smartphone sales in the fourth quarter of last year for the first time in five years, according to U.S. research firm Strategy Analytics.


In addition, the recall was estimated to have cost Samsung about $5.3 billion."


At the same time that Samsung was issuing their press release about new quality controls, Digitimes was reporting that Samsung was recalling faulty 18nm PC Dram. How embarrassing.


Digitimes reported that "Samsung's faulty PC DRAM modules use 8Gb chips built using 18nm process technology, the report noted, without citing its source. More than 100,000 modules will be recalled affecting shipments of mainly first-tier PC OEMs, which are supplying to brand vendors including Asustek, Dell, HP and Lenovo, the report said.


According to DRAMeXchange, Samsung continued to lead the global DRAM market in the fourth quarter of 2016 with revenues rising 12% sequentially. Samsung held a 47.5% share of the market during the quarter.


Samsung remains the leader in terms of technology. The company has set a target of having at least 40% of its total DRAM output built using 18nm process technology by the end of 2017, DRAMeXchange indicated."


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