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There was a time when Blackberry OS, Symbian and Windows Mobile ruled the smartphone world and like dinosaurs they're now found in museums as relics of a bygone era. Today it's a two OS world owned by iOS and Android. In earnest, it's Apple versus Android OEMs. Unfortunately smartphone statistics don't breakout direct comparisons as needed.


With that said, the latest smartphone OS sales data from Kantar shows that iOS achieved continued growth across most regions tracked, except for Japan, Spain, and Urban China.


Android continued to post market share increases in all regions but the US, as no other ecosystem is challenging the two giants – iOS and Android.


Apple's iPhone is still a top seller in large markets such as the U.S. Great Britain, Germany, France and Urban China. Kantar noted that Android lost 1.8% in the U.S. while Apple gained 2.9% year-on-year. In the EU5 market Android accounted for 74.3% of smartphone sales in the three months ending in January 2017. Apple's iOS held a 22.7% share. In Urban China Android gained 9.3% bringing the total to 83.2%.


Beyond stats, Kantar noted a few trends but focused on one: the return of the Nokia brand via HMD in Europe. Kantar expects to see the Nokia brand make a big comeback in Europe and is likely to challenge Huawei over the next few years with an ex-loyal fan base returning to the brand due to quality builds, Android OS and best of class pricing at US$245 (233 Euro) and lower.


Patently Apple posted a report on the return of the Nokia brand in early January covering their true comback at CES 2017. The Nokia brand and pricing could be the one to watch for in the coming years.


Overview of OS Stats Worldwide


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