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The Government of Karnataka today officially welcomed Apple's proposal to commence initial manufacturing operations in their city. Apple's intentions to manufacture in Bengaluru will foster a cutting edge technology ecosystem and supply chain development in the state, which are critical for India to compete globally," an official release signed by Karnataka IT Minister Priyank Kharge said.


The officials stated that Apple's representatives, led by Priya Balasubramaniam, VP iPhone operations, Ali Khanafer (Head, Government Affairs), Dheeraj Chugh (Director, iPhone operations and Priyesh Povanna (Country Counsel) met Ministers and offficials of the Karnataka Government and had positive discussions about the initiatives in manufacturing and possible collaborations with state Government in other areas.


The report further noted that iPhones would be manufactured in Bengaluru by Wistron, a Taiwanese OEM maker for Apple.


Apple's decision on initial manufacturing in Bengaluru has further enhanced the city's reputation as the most preferred destination for foreign investment and further validation of State Government policies aimed at fostering manufacturing, innovation and investments in Karnataka, the press release said.


The most important point made in the report is that Apple making their iPhones in India will help to lower iPhone pricing and help Apple be more competitive.


Earlier this week the India Times published a report titled: "What's so special about Apple? Other Handset Makers ask Government." As expected the India Times simply became the mouthpiece for Apple's competitors to lower the argument to just manufacturing smartphones.


What Apple has over local and foreign OEM device makers who only focus on making cheap phones for profit, is that they invest in the people of India. They hire their software engineers, they will open world class Apple Stores that hold the highest standards and are architecturally inspiring. Their stores bring world class device and enterprise training. Their iTunes Store will promote more Indian artists and eventually support Bollywood films and TV programming.


Apple has already invested in a new maps development office in India creating 4,000 IT jobs, and opened a first-of-its-kind iOS app design center and development accelerator. Apple supports a Mac Lab at the G. Narayanamma Institute of Technology for Women and has another Developer Accelerator opening in Bengaluru later this year.


Apple isn't like any other smartphone OEM in India and their Prime Minister (PM) knows that. India's PM understands the power of winning over top world brands around the globe to India could lead to winning others top brands. India doesn't want to be the dumping ground for class b manufacturers. They want their people to learn from the best so as to elevate and inspire their university students to stay in India.


So to answer the India Times question as to why is Apple so special, this is why Apple is so special. And with Apple making huge investments in energy in China, Apple is likewise to replicate their efforts in India. You don't get that kind of investment from a dirt cheap smartphone OEM. So is Apple special? Yes dear sirs, very special.


During Apple's Financial Conference Call on Tuesday, Apple's CEO Tim Cook, starting at the 39 minute mark of their audio replay, talked about Apple being in discussions with the government about opening Apple Stores and investing 'significantly' in India.


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