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On January 22, Patently Apple posted a report titled "Samsung and Experts Point to a Short Circuit in the Batteries as the Fault of the Note7 Fires." Samsung had three experts attend their special event designed to demonstrate Samsung's commitment to quality while showing how they intensely investigated the battery disaster of their now defunct Note7 smartphone. SDI was the leading manufacturer of the initial battery for the Note7, and as noted in our cover graphic, Samsung's expert illustrated where the SDI battery failed. There's an old saying that states "Truth is stranger than Fiction." Well today we have a great example of that. Not only did the SDI batteries cause fires in the Note7, but they've also caused a fire outside and inside the SDI plant today to show the world just how nasty these dangerous batteries could be.


According to a new Reuters report, "A minor fire that broke out at a Samsung SDI Co Ltd factory in China on Wednesday was caused by waste products including faulty batteries, the Korean company and local emergency services said.


The fire broke out at the Samsung Electronics Co Ltd affiliate's factory in the northern Chinese city of Tianjin earlier on Wednesday and has been extinguished, a Samsung spokesman said, adding that there were no casualties or significant impact to the plant's operations.


The fire broke out not on the production line itself but in a part of the facility used for waste, including faulty batteries, said Samsung SDI spokesman Shin Yong-doo. He added that most of the factory was running as normal.


The local fire department, however, said on its microblog that the fire was caused by batteries inside the facility.


The "material that caught fire was lithium batteries inside the production workshops and some half-finished products", the Wuqing branch of the Tianjin Fire Department said in a post on its verified Sina Weibo account. It added it had sent out 110 firefighters and 19 trucks to put out the fire." Not exactly a tiny fire as Samsung wants it portrayed.


Reuters finally noted that "SDI is set to start supplying batteries for Samsung's upcoming flagship smartphone Galaxy S8 in the first quarter of this year. The S8 replaces the Galaxy Note 7 mode, which suffered a global recall last year due to battery defects."


This is not the image Samsung wants shown around the world as they begin the process of manufacturing the Galaxy S8. How can you trust the SDI battery from not repeating it's disastrous performance when you see the plant in chaos over a fire due to their batteries? The nightmare for Samsung continues.


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