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Warning: If you're Politically Sensitive, Don't Read this Report



Do you remember Apple's famous 2009 TV Ad 'There's an App for That?" It was one of the ads that marked a generation. Last week we were abruptly informed by Apple's CEO Tim Cook that he's going to direct his engineering team to create a new app. Cook, who never talks about future Apple products, just couldn't help letting it out of the bag. It's going to be their greatest app of all time and it'll be out just in time for the next election.


There's no name for it yet but what we do know is that it's going to save American minds, that are in his view, being killed by 'Fake News.' It'll be fashioned like the one the Communist Party uses in Russia. It'll scour the web for news Apple and dear friends deem "right and good and clean and politically correct and stop the propaganda from the evil side of the political spectrum.


I'm sure a lot of sheep will just love this app where they'll only hear nice news that's been politically cleansed by Big Brother in California.


Last week a Patently Apple fan commented on our first report on this subject matter and asked me to stick to covering Apple patents and lay off the politics (full comment here, replying to BWarren89.).


In-part my response was simple: "That's how I feel. I'd like to watch an award show and not hear Meryl Streep preach; I'd like to watch a music award show and not hear complete left wing garbage spewed." The point was, the left wing of politics can't accept that they lost the election, and so we all have to hear their crazy views everywhere including TV shows, on most tech sites daily, in newspapers, in riots at Universities etc. But lord, should just one person on the other side speak their mind on the subject and all hell breaks lose from the left with name calling and labeling that's inappropriate. Wow, where is the left's famous tolerance that Hillary Clinton preached about for over the last year? I guess it never really existed and the aftermath shows her follows have no tolerance or respect for anything but their own views. The hypocrisy is so openly seen on TV every night. The surprise is the reaction led by Silicon Valley. 


Last night my wife and I wanted to sit back and enjoy watching the Grammys. Since Lady Gaga professionally held her tongue at the Super Bowl we naively thought it would carry through to the Grammys. Ha! Jennifer Lopez, Green Day, Katty Perry and on and on including some lousy rapper calling Trump President Agent Orange just couldn't shut up. Guys, it's a music awards show, I don't care about your politics. But no, on and on and on it went.


I'm not going to go into what they all said because half of you heard it and you could Google it if you want the particulars. But then it dawned on me, perhaps Apple's CEO could help us with a new TV app that could filter out all of this Verbal Vomit from the left that is Killing Our Minds. Maybe, just maybe, Cook will be fair and help the rest of America stop this political garbage from the left from spreading.


Then an amazing revelation came to mind. I could create the same thing by using one finger hitting the channel changer. Voila, I was cured. Miracles do happen! But for Political Spin, a term that the left have now conveniently renamed 'Fake News,' the sheep are just too stupid to verify a news story on their own and so Cook and company are out to help shield the idiots from life.


Good luck with that Mr. Cook.


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The Insanity of the Left on YouTube


Below is a video from the Shia LaBeouf Anti-Trump Rally. A Museum in Queens shut down the "he will not divide us" campaign. You could read more about it here. It's like watch a cult of zombies movie, but it's not very entertaining (Ha!). Remember to keep watching the video because there are some breaks where you might think it's over. At the 0:50 mark of the video you'll see a super nut case lefty goes to the extreme yelling in someone's face who didn't hold his view.  




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