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In late December Patently Apple posted a report titled "Patent Reveals a Wireless Charging System for Apple Store Product Tables and Home Desktops." That was a smoking gun that Apple was now preparing to bring wireless charging to future Apple products. Apple wasn't patenting wireless charging product tables for nothing. Their engineers were way ahead of the curve and having wireless charging tables for Apple Store was proof-positive news. Today we learn that Apple is an official member of the Wireless Charging Consortium.


2af X99 apple on wireless consortium membership list

Our December report noted that "In 2013 Patently Apple posted a report titled "The Cordless Home is now in Reach with Magnetic Resonance" In that report we pointed to a Company called Rezence. The photo above was an example of wireless charging being built into a home's countertop. This is the type of solution that Apple's patent application revealed today.


The reason for the delay in this technology coming to market was that there were two very powerful competing standards that could have hurt the industry if the market was badly split. Think Betamax vs VHS. Engadget reported last year that the two companies had reportedly merged and time was needed to iron out a single powerful standard.


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Patently Apple reported in last month that 'Lite-On Semiconductor' had jointed Apple's supply chain for a part related to fast wireless charging.


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