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News out of Cambridge England today shows us that Apple has finally decided to step out from the shadows and finally put their logo outside a building that their Siri team is housed in. More particular, Apple's Siri team members that were from Vocal IQ, an advanced AI company. A company that singled Siri out years ago and called it a mere toy. Vocal IQ specialized in Auto-Pilot driver assistance and had experience in wearables, smart homes, smart devices and robotics. Vocal IQ was a Cambridge University spin-off.


According to local news, Apple is housed out of a building at 90 Hill Road, next to the entrance of the Botanic Gardens. Apple's large blue logo is clearly seen outside now as shown in our cover graphic.


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Those who underestimate Siri and think that companies like Google, Amazon and others are way ahead of Apple should seriously rethink their position. Patently Apple posted a report on this matter back last June titled "Forbes Misguided View is that Apple has Missed the AI Revolution."


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