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Apple Awarded Registered Trademark Certificates for macOS Logic Pro and the Apple Watch Symbol for Activity 'Sharing'



Earlier this week the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office published a new series of Apple Registered Trademarks covering MACOS, macOS, Logic Pro and the Apple Watch Activity Sharing app symbol.


Registered Trademark Certificates for "MACOS" and "macOS"


2af X99 macOS RTM Certificate Feb 21, 2017

Apple filed their first Registered Trademark under International Class 09 which the following coverage: "Computer operating software; Computer software development tools."


Apple's second RTM for "macOS" – just a different way of presenting the trademark with only 'OS' in caps, under number 5,146, 788 was filed under the very same International Class 09.


Registered Trademark Certificate for Figurative Symbol Representing Activity 'Sharing'



Apple was also granted Registered Trademark Certificate 5,146, 822 for the Apple Watch Figurative Symbol representing Activity Sharing as noted in more detail further below.


Apple filed their figurative trademark under International Class 09 with the following coverage: "Computer software for tracking, storing, viewing, monitoring, displaying, transmitting, managing and sharing data concerning exercise, physical activity, steps taken, distance walked or run, time standing or sitting, calories consumed, calories burned; Computer software for tracking, monitoring, managing and sharing information and goals regarding a health and fitness program; Computer software for wireless communication devices, wearable wireless communication devices, and mobile digital electronic devices; Computer software for social networking."


4AF 88 Activity Sharing

Apple Wins Registered Trademark for 'Logic Pro'


This week Apple was also granted a Registered Trademark for 'Logic Pro' under number 5,146,414. Apple filed the trademark under International Class 09 with the following coverage: "Computer software for digital audio production, processing, and editing."


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