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Last month Patently Apple posted a report titled "Flash in the Pan LeEco, who Likened Apple to Hitler, Lost Millions on Smartphones and is Dire Cost Cutting Mode." LeEco's ego maniac CEO who likened Apple to Hitler and told CNBC that Apple was outdated found that actually running a successful business takes discipline and innovation that matters rather than flash in the pan thinking that ran out of money because the banks strangled his business to stop widly spending. LeEco lost money on smartphones and are now seen as nothing but a flash in the pan. Xiaomi was another favored company by Wall Street seeing them as the next Apple. Hugo Barra, Vice President of International – whatever that means – told Bloomberg that they, little Xiaomi couldn't allow Apple to take ownership of smartphone design.


Xiaomi is just the latest to fall off the map of relevancy as they embarrassingly stated that they weren't going to stand by tradition and reveal how many smartphones they sold in 2016. A Xiaomi rep confirmed to TechCrunch that the company would not be disclosing its 2016 sales numbers.


Xiaomi is using the very same excuse that LeEco used, as in … Oh we grew too fast and that's why we're having problems. Funny, Apple's sales exploded with the iPhone and iPad and never used the excuse that the dog eat their homework. Apple had many times their combined growth and still reported to Wall Street and made money then and still hold 91% of the smartphone industry profits – because they're a professionally run company on a global scale.


Xiaomi, like LeEco, is just another company run by big mouths who took cheap shots at Apple and have now stumbled from being unable to manage their growth like true business leaders. The Steve Jobs wannabe CEO and co-founder Lei Jun, according to many, is a joke.



He recently wanted to show some Steve Jobs magic by introducing their new smartphone that was designed in-part by French designer Philippe Stark who lent a hand in designing the yacht for the late Steve Jobs. Jun's obsession over wanting to be like Steve Jobs is actually a little creepy.


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