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1x 999 apple store in Piazza liberty milan italy concept drawing 1


A new Apple Store appears to be headed for Milan Italy and more specifically Piazza Liberty. It seems to be some kind of joint venture between Apple and Independent Film Reality Ltd owner of Cinema Apollo. City counsel said "It is an ambitious project and a truly international reach to deliver a new place in the city for the Milanese and visitors."


It's going to be one of the most innovative and technologically advanced Apple Stores in the world. There will be a waterfall near the entrance of the store


A segment of the local report roughly translates to stating that "The operation, which will lead to the realization of one of the most innovative and technological Apple Store in the world, provides for the lowering of the central part of the Liberty Square with the construction of an amphitheater open to the public and functional to host cultural events [as noted in the concept drawing below]. The amphitheater, made up of steps, will represent the heart of the square and will link the level of the same with another space, located at an intermediate level between the square and the underlying store.


2af X99 - Piazza Liberty Milan Italy Apple store wiith Amphitheater - entertainment area concept drawing #2

"Behind this is a glass screen made from a waterfall, which will mark the entrance to the store at an altitude of -3.24 meters from the plaza level. At the store you can also access from the stairs that will be realized within the so-called "portal", a fully glazed structure whose sides are placed two bowls of water, as well as two flights of stairs on either side of the steps and a lifter in the square to ensure the full accessibility of the shop. They will also be the interior completely renovated that currently house the Apollo cinema, redone flooring, reposition the neighboring grids to Via San Paolo and planted some trees."


The report further noted that "The project had the approval of the Archaeological Superintendence Fine arts and landscape for the Metropolitan City of Milan and the City Hall 1. It was established that Apple will have to organize every year at least 8 free public events of great cultural and social terms agreed with the Administration and propose to the City at least 4 more events a year." You can access the original report that was published in late December here.


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