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In November Patently Apple posted a report titled "Samsung Confirms AI is coming to the Galaxy S8 in Late February Courtesy of Viv." Samsung's VP Rhee In-jong introduced their AI plans for the Samsung Galaxy S8 that would eventually extend through to their Internet of Things agenda for smart TV's, in-vehicle infotainment systems, appliances and beyond. Then in December we reported that Google wasn't happy about Samsung's AI moves that would directly compete with their 'Google Assistant.' Today we learn that despite any opposition, Samsung is moving forward with their Viv based digital assistant for their next smartphone. By using the Note7 disaster as a cover to delay the release of the S8, Samsung will be able to have their digital assistant called 'Bixby' ready on time at launch. 


In a new report this morning out of Korea covering Samsung's financial conference call, Samsung stated that they would both collaborate and compete with its longtime partner and rival Google to expand the artificial intelligence ecosystem.


Samsung's mobile division executive Lee Kyeong-tae said that "Samsung and Google will have to continue to maintain their strategic partnership to nurture the AI and the market for the emerging technology."


As part of Samsung's plan to increase its presence in the AI sector, Samsung also said it would have its own AI featured not only in its smartphones, but also in TVs and tablet PCs while offering its solutions to outside companies and third-party firms.


According to Samsung, competition with Google in the AI segment is inevitable as both have firms have been developing their own AI solutions for smartphones so as to take the technology to the next level. 


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