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Most in Silicon Valley are still in a state of shock that the vast majority of States voted against the left wing Democratic party that stood for open borders and a Middle Eastern policy that was overly friendly to the Muslim Brotherhood and America's enemy Iran. The working man voted against trade deals killing their jobs. Apparently most working at Apple seem to be anti-Trump. The headline today from Recode's article is "Tim Cook is defending his meeting with Trump, telling Apple employees he doesn't want to sit on the sidelines." The CEO had to 'defend' his meeting with Trump is a sad commentary on the day that the Electoral College voted Trump in with a count of 304 to 169.


Wow, what has happened to parts of the U.S.? You'd expect talk or a byline like that if Cook was meeting with an enemy like Iran, not meeting with the President-elect. Sad commentary to say the least.


In his so-called defense, Cook reportedly stated "Personally, I've never found being on the sideline a successful place to be," Cook wrote on an internal Apple message board. "The way that you influence these issues is to be in the arena. So whether it's in this country, or the European Union, or in China or South America, we engage. And we engage when we agree and we engage when we disagree. I think it's very important to do that because you don't change things by just yelling. You change things by showing everyone why your way is the best. In many ways, it's a debate of ideas."


In the case of Transgender washrooms, which is part of Cook's work on "expanding the definition of human rights," it's not about a debate of ideas whatsoever, it's about rich Silicon Valley getting together with other left wing music artists and businesses to boycott and hurt a part of the country for not bowing to the will of those that want to make social changes whether they're in the minority or not. "Showing everyone why your way is the best?" I think not, Mr. Cook. In the end it's corporate bullying, not a debate at all. But you're the CEO of Apple, you set the companies priorities and that's the way it goes.


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The TechCrunch report wasn't much better than Recode's in making negative commentary. TechCrunch noted that "During the close reading and aftermath of the meeting, Cook's dour expression (seen above) at the table became a meme of the moment. His stoic mien somehow transmitting what most people hoped was the attitude at the table: "I can't believe I have to be here but someone has to do it." Cook's statements to employees seem to back that up."


Wow, the warped media just can't get over the fact that they supported a loser. Cook never said any of what the TechCrunch reporter said in that last paragraph. It's really sad to have to see this kind of nonsense spill into tech news. Fake news? Can you get any Faker? Tech writer's that read minds is news? Ha! What a strange time we're living in. 


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