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Earlier this month Patently Apple posted a report titled "Frustration and Anger over the AirPods Delay Continue to Spill over to General Anger Aimed at Apple." After the report Apple put out a press release that we covered but we noticed that in most countries the shipping date was still 6 weeks. Most Apple fans could not get the AirPods for Christmas. A lot of lucky people did. But now we have to wonder if Apple rushed production because there are some reports beginning to surface that there is a charging problem. Something Apple doesn't need right now fighting off bad MacBook Pro reviews about poor battery life and iPhone 6s models having battery drainage problems.


MacRumors reported earlier today that "Some AirPods Users Facing Battery Drain Issues With Charging Case."


Ther report notes that "After the AirPods launched online and then arrived to the first set of customers earlier in December, some users have begun realizing that the charging case that comes with the headphones isn't holding Apple's advertised 24 hours of charge. In theory, the charging case should only lose noticeable amounts of charge when the AirPods are low on battery and recharging within the case, and when users flip the pack open to check battery levels or otherwise activate Bluetooth with a connected Apple device.


The unlucky set of users facing the battery issues, however, are noticing that the AirPods case drains by upwards of 40 percent in mere hours, with the AirPods at 100 percent inside and minimal Bluetooth activation. For more on this, read the full report here.


At present there are more questions than answers. Is this an easily fixable problem with a software update? Is this a rare occurance being amplified for the sake of creating news? Is it the beginning of a more widespread problem?


If an Apple fan has a legitimate AirPods problem send in your comment below. If you own AirPods and don't have this problem please send in your feedback as well.


As of 3:30 pm MacRumors has not added any updates.


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