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SAMSUNG report


A Korean report today claims that Apple has rejected registration of 'Samsung Pay Mini,' which is a mobile payment system for online payments only, onto its App Store. Samsung Pay Mini is a simple mobile payment service that Samsung Electronics is going to introduce in January for multiple platforms. Competitions between Samsung and Apple have expanded towards markets for online payments, and Samsung has decided to focus on Android rather than providing its service through Apple devices. But Samsung's attempt or fake attempt may have had specific motivation.


According to a financial news report, Samsung Electronics is going to launch its Samsung Pay Mini in January. Initially, Samsung has been preparing Samsung Pay Mini in order to expand its Samsung Pay service towards online payments. It finished testing connection of Samsung Pay Mini with some of South Korean credit card companies and has decided to launch it in January. Although Samsung applied for registration of Samsung Pay Mini on Apple's app store in order to link Samsung Pay Min with iPhones, it is confirmed that Samsung recently received a notification of rejection.


Samsung Electronics has decided not to reapply again to Apple's app store and has decided to focus only on Android markets that cover 85% of global markets for Smartphones.


"After Apple rejected registration of Samsung Pay Mini onto its app store, we have decided to focus on Smartphones with Android OS." said a representative for Samsung Electronics.


The Korean report is full of conspiracy theories as to why Apple has rejected their application. The report also pumped up Samsung by stating that "Some believe that Apple is not accommodating Samsung Pay through its devices by recognizing the popularity of Samsung Pay which is competing against Apple Pay." That isn't reporting a fact, that's projecting creative speculation that's more popularly known as propaganda.


Apple is considering to launch Apple Pay in South Korean markets during first half of 2017 as it prepares to open their first brick and mortar flagship store in Korea later in the fall.


Samsung's quick attempt and then almost instant change of heart of trying to get Samsung Pay mini accepted by Apple may have another twist to this, especially because ETNews pointed out that the news was generated from the "financial industry." How convenient.


Patently Apple posted a report back in early October titled "Ten South Korean Financial Tech Firms Escalate their War against Apple Pay with the Government." Our reported noted that "ten Financial Tech (Fintech) companies in Korea are stepping up their war against Apple by moving to sue in the hopes of stopping Apple Pay before they're all driven out of business."


More than likely the Korean Fintech worked with Samsung to come up with this lame story so that it could be used in their argument before the Korea Communications Commission to show that Apple is acting "irrational towards companies" trying to work with them – which was part of their argument back in October.


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