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Last Saturday Patently Apple posted a report titled "Frustration and Anger over the AirPods Delay Continue to Spill over to General Anger Aimed at Apple." Magically by Tuesday Apple posted a press release titled "Apple AirPods are now Available." According to Apple, "New Wireless Headphones Available Online Today and in Stores Beginning Next Week." Apple's press release says AirPods are available in Canada, Hong Kong, the UK and elsewhere.


However, as our cover graphic shows, in Canada, the UK, Hong Kong and elsewhere shipping is "6 weeks." That of course confirms that they won't technically be ready for Christmas. Was Apple trying a PR stunt or is the information on all of their online stores outside of the US not updated? Something tells me it's 6 weeks and the won't be available for under the tree in time.


I'll go to my local store next week, prior to Christmas in the hopes that Apple will keep their word. I'm not really optimistic about my chances of getting them – but we'll see next week. In the end, I think our report stating that they would begin shipping in early 2017 stands as correct ... for most of the world.


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