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Back in September 2014 Patently Apple posted a Patently Legal report titled "Core Wireless uses Former Nokia Patents to Sue Apple." What made that case unique was that the patents used against Apple were from Nokia. In 2013 a report quoted the European Commission's Joaguin Almonia starkly stating that "If Nokia were to take illegal advantage of its patents in the future, we will open an antitrust case. But I sincerely hope we will not have to." In that statement, Mr. Almonia pushed things to the next level by using the "patent troll" phrase that is typically not mentioned by senior executives since it's a fairly loaded term. Although Nokia was legally smart enough to sell their portfolio before Microsoft officially acquired Nokia, they certainly knew that selling their patents to another patent troll would result in the same thing – patent troll driven lawsuits against their enemies such as Apple.


Now that Patent Troller 'Core' has won a patent infringement lawsuit against Apple using Nokia patents, will the European Commission's Joaguin Almonia open an anti-trust case against Nokia? Ha! Don't count on it. The EU is so anti-American that for sure that hypocrite Almonia will never open an antitrust case. It was all just hot air and political chicanery.


With that said, Law360, reports that "A California federal jury found Thursday that Apple Inc.'s iPads and iPhones infringe two of Core Wireless Licensing SARL's mobile communication patents, awarding Core Wireless $7.3 million in damages in a long-running fight over technology that purportedly allows Apple's products to work "wherever, and whenever."


What's interesting is that originally there were five patents in the lawsuit and a jury found Apple not guilty in 2015. Yet that's the thing with patent trolls; they lose nothing in suing a company like Apple if the court verdict doesn't go their way.  So they just keep coming at a company like Apple with deep pockets determined to milk it for everything they can get and won't stop until they win. Core's second case simply chose two more out of the basket of 2,000 Nokia patents that they paid for and rammed another case against Apple into court. The verdict today was a lawsuit that only began in Court on December 5. What a crime.


Sadly we could expect more lawsuits filed by Core in the future against Apple using more of their Nokia patents. 


Apple crushed Nokia's kingdom of mobile phones and even though they vowed not to be a patent troll when selling their business to Microsoft, they were determined to make sure that Apple would pay over and over again in patent infringement lawsuits with their patents being the ones to hit Apple. This by itself is a crime and why the European Commission is a pathetic joke for not living up to a commitment that they made publicly in approving the deal with Microsoft.


If President-elect Trump want's American businesses to Win Again, then he'll have to put together a plan to overhaul the patent system quickly to put an end to these crazy Patent troll lawsuits. It's all about lawyers arguing in court, not about making a product. Trump should also make the European Commission live up to it's commitment of launching a suit against Nokia to put an end to this planned act of revenge on the company that put them in the grave through true competition.


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