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This month two Samsung patent applications came to light at the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office regarding possible future wearable devices. One invention covers a wide-band display smartwatch that's been a work in progress since 2013. Consumers in general haven't been so keen on smartwatches that look like traditional watches with tiny displays. The shift to a truly large wraparound display on a user's wrist could be the way to change gears and shake up the market. The other invention is a twist on a more traditional smartwatch-bracelet wherein the band or bands of this watch design could be stretched in different directions and by doing so triggers the display to change to different user interfaces for music, fitness, health, messages and so forth.


The First Samsung Smartwatch-Bracelet Device


In Samsung's first patent filing they note that in accordance with an aspect of the present invention, an electronic apparatus is provided, which includes a strap; a sensor configured to measure a position and angle at which the strap is bent; a display; and a processor configured to display a user interface (UI) element corresponding to the measured position and angle on the display.


2AF 88 SAMSUNG FIGS 3A,3B, 7 & 10

Samsung notes that when an interaction as illustrated in FIG. 3A or FIG. 4A is detected, a user interface window displays a UI element corresponding to a current operational state. For example, when the current operational state of the electronic apparatus is a motion state, the user interface window displays a time UI, a day UI, a running distance UI, a heart rate UI, and a calorie expenditure UI.


For more on Samsung's new smartwatch invention noted above and the wide-band smartwatch version not shown in this report, see our full Patently Mobile report here.


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