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1af 88 x cover Al Gore meets ivnaka and donald trump


Last month Patently Apple posted a report titled "Cook Did the Right Thing and Congratulated Trump on his Great Victory to Open the Door for Dialog." In a surprise development today, former Vice President Al Gore met with both Ivanka and Donald Trump. Climate change is one of Ivanka Trump's signature issues that she's currently working on as First Daughter to be. Ivanka first met with Leonardo DiCaprio in recent weeks and today she met with former VP Al Gore. Gore made it clear that he spent a great deal of time with President-Elect Trump. However, it was unclear if Gore stayed focus on climate change alone or veered off into issues as a member of Apple's board.


It could be that Apple's CEO wanted Al Gore to talk to Trump about opening a plant with Foxconn for iPhones or other issues or projects that the two could work towards to generate more jobs in the U.S. Vice President Al Gore wouldn't say what the conversations were about in any detail as noted in his comments to the press after his meeting at Trump Tower.



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