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On August 29 Patently Apple posted a report titled "Class Action Launched against Apple for the iPhone's 'Touch Disease'." The issue first came to light via an extensive iFixit report that surfaced earlier that month. The Apple community highly respects iFixit who is famous for their quick product teardowns that reveal every component and more with precision and carefully taken photos. It's like hardware forensics. Once their report pointed to a growing issue with the iPhone 6 Plus that they dubbed "touch disease' it was evident that a legal firm would jump on this and start a class action.


On October 2, Patently Apple posted another report on the matter titled "New iPhone 6 'Touch Disease' Class Action Lawsuits Filed against Apple in Canada is a Troublesome Trend."


Yesterday the latest news on this issue came to light courtesy of a new report by 'Motherboard' titled "Three Law Firms Join iPhone 6 Plus 'Touch Disease' Lawsuit against Apple."


The report begins by stating that "There is increasing pressure on Apple to explain why it's ignored the fact that touchscreens on thousands of iPhone 6 Plus devices have stopped working, leaving consumers on the hook to replace devices that have a fundamental engineering flaw. Lawyers who filed a class action lawsuit against the company in California earlier this fall have signed on three additional law firms to support their case, and an additional class action lawsuit related to the issue has been filed against Apple in Utah." Below is a copy of the Class Action Amendment courtesy of Patently Apple.


Patently Apple: iPhone Touch Disease Class Action Complaint Amended by Jack Purcher on Scribd


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