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On this Day we Respectfully Remember Steve Jobs

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The late Steve Jobs was one of the greatest CEO's of our time. Though for my generation, he was so much more. He was an inspirational force, a rebel with a cause, and definitely one of the "craziest ones" of our time who indeed made a difference in how we use computers and mobile devices in our daily lives today. On this day, October 5, 2016, we respectfully remember Steve Jobs on this fifth anniversary of his passing.


Igniting the Mobile Revolution


2af 88 Steve Jobs introduces the Mobile Revolution

Earlier today we covered Google's attempt to claim the AI mantle for delivering the AI revolution insultingly the day before the fifth anniversary of the late Steve Jobs who actually ushered in the mobile revolution with the iPhone and iPad products that shook the consumer world like nothing that had came before it.


A Look Back at the Many Apple Firsts that Steve so Loved


Steve Jobs was an original with a personality and sharpness of mind that we may never see again in our lifetime. Below is a collage of Apple Firsts that Steve Jobs was so proud of. 




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