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In 2013 Patently Apple posted a report titled "Apple Store Employee Files Class Action Lawsuit over Lost Wages." The report covered a full-time non-exempt Apple Store Specialist who worked at both Spokane and San Francisco stores over a two year period has filed a Class Action lawsuit against Apple on behalf of himself and all non-exempt employees who are employed by Apple as non-exempt Specialists, Lead Specialists and Expert Specialists and non-exempt Managers, Senior Managers, Developmental Managers and Business Managers. Specialists and Managers are collectively referred to as Hourly Employees. The nuts and bolts of the complaint revolved around the fact that employees that are paid hourly wages should be compensated for the time lost waiting in lines for mandatory Apple security checks every day. Considering this is a requirement by Apple, employees should be compensated. Apple was sued in a similar case in July by two former Apple Store employees from New York and Los Angeles. Our report covers the full basic complaint filed with the court in San Francisco." The case finally begins tomorrow in San Diego's Superior Court.


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