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With the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 debacle still in high gear, it's no wonder that China-based smartphone vendor Xiaomi Technology has commissioned a third-party organization to investigate two recent cases of explosions of its own smartphones breaking out in China recently. While Samsung's Note 7 battery is packed with 3500mAh battery, Xiaomi's battery for the Mi Max smartphone is even larger at 4850mAh.


According to a Taipei-based Central News Agency (CNA) report, a Xiaomi 6.44-inch Mi Max exploded and caused a fire in Xian on September 5 when the user was charging the phone using an original charger.


A second case was reported on September 9 when a user placed its Xiaomi Mi 4C in a rear pocket of his pants, and the phone burst into flames after a while. The user, who got his hips burned, said he bought the Mi 4C from the official Xiaomi website.


While probing into the cases, Xiaomi insisted the two cases were accidents and have already made compensation to the users accordingly. But tensions will remain high until the investigation is complete and clears their new smartphones as being safe.


In related news, we learn today that the largest battery powering Apple's iPhone 7 Plus is noted as being 2900mAh, with the standard iPhone 7 coming with a 1960mAh battery. The standard iPhone 7 comes with 2GB RAM and the iPhone 7 Plus comes with 3GB RAM.


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