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Yesterday Patently Apple reported early that a second case of Samsung's new Galaxy Note 7 exploded while charging in Korea. More importantly perhaps is a report that we published last week titled "Like a Broken Record, Samsung's Laughable Marketing Games Continue." In that report we pointed out Samsung's trend of cranking up the hype about their new smartphone having problems keeping up with pre-order demand, followed by alleged production problems to justify their lower shipments for the quarter. This year is no different. So if Apple's iPhone 7 crushes the Samsung Note's success, expect to hear in the press that it'll only be because they had production problems. We said in that report to watch for this scenario to arise. Well it has due to the two cases of exploding smartphones we've reported on. But now it gets worse and even out of control.


The Korea Business website reports today that "Samsung Electronics Stops Galaxy Note 7 Shipments after …. The Seventh Explosion."


According to the report, "Samsung Electronics has suspended shipments of the Galaxy Note 7 to the country's three major carriers – SK Telecom, KT and LG U+ – over a series of reports of Note 7 units exploding while being charged. Deliveries of Samsung's flagship phablet have been halted earlier this week. However, an official from the industry said, "We are not sure if Samsung Electronics is conducting additional quality control testing or it is just because of slow production speeds."


An official from the industry said, "It may have problems in the battery management system since it failed to control electric currents properly." A Samsung spokesperson said, "We will figure out the problems and fix them as soon as possible."


Meanwhile, the Galaxy Note 7 has more than 400,000 pre-orders during the 13-day preorder period, becoming very popular, and consumers will be able to receive free gifts on September 30, over a month later than previously scheduled.


A final note in the report stated that another consumer had written to them stating that their Note 7 heated up while recharging and cracked the smartphone without any drop incident. The Galaxy Note 7 will definitely be seen by consumers, at least in the short term, as being an untrustworthy disaster to stay away from.


According to the Financial Times, "Shares in Samsung Electronics fell as much as 3.5 per cent on Thursday morning before closing down 2 per cent, as investors worried that the quality problems, if confirmed, could hit sales momentum for the second half of the year."


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