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While Apple's MacBooks will be sporting new Kaby Lake Seventh-Gen Core processors from Intel this fall, the iMac remains questionable unless Apple substitutes the processor with a mobile version (which is highly unlikely). A note from Intel's Navin Shenoy, VP, GM Client Computing Group, clearly points to Seventh-Gen Core processors for desktops only coming to market in early 2017.


Shenoy wrote late last week that "We are incredibly excited about the strong partnership with our OEM customers and expect more than 100 different 2 in 1s and laptops powered by 7th Gen Intel Core to be available starting in September through this holiday season. We will share more on the rest of the 7th Gen Intel Core family for desktops and enterprise PCs early next year." Rumors point to the new desktop core processors will launch at CES, but only time will tell if that rings true.


Shenoy's general message about seventh-core processors was focused on pumping up the 'immersive internet' where access to 4K Ultra High-Definition, 360-degree video, and virtual reality will dramatically rise.


Shenoy added that "With new computers powered by 7th Gen Intel Core, TV and movie fans will have access to premium 4K UHD content streaming from studios like Sony Pictures Home Entertainment and providers like FandangoNOW. This is just the beginning as we see 4K UHD content go mainstream over time. We're excited about some additional content announcements in the next few months, so stay tuned."



Engadget noted in a recent report that "4K video is finally gaining a foothold in home theaters this year, but for most PCs it's practically kryptonite. Even if you're lucky enough to have a powerful computer, dealing with such high-resolution video is a surefire way to spike your CPU usage and gobble up battery life. So it's little surprise that Intel made 4K performance the centerpiece of its long-awaited seventh generation Core processors, which were officially announced today. You can also look forward to a slew of other speed-enhancing features when the new chips hit laptops in September.


So just how good are these new batch of Core processors? How about a CPU utilization rate of around 5 percent and power usage of 0.5 watts on the new Core i7-7500U while playing local 4K video. That's compared to 40 to 70 percent CPU usage and a 10.2 watt power draw on its predecessor, the i7-6500U. And when playing 4K VP9-encoded video on YouTube, the new seventh generation i7 clocks in at 10 to 20 percent CPU usage while drawing 0.8 watts of power. The previous chip, on the other hand, ate up 70 to 80 percent of the CPU while taking up 5.8 watts of power."


To make the immersive internet experience richer for Macs, Apple is reportedly enhancing their future systems with AMD cards based on the Polaris architecture which are  designed for fluid frame rates in graphics, gaming, VR and multimedia applications running on compelling small form-factor thin and light computer designs."




So if the immersive internet appeals to you because you want to watch, create and experience higher quality HD 4K & 360° videos and games without over burdening your system, then hold off until Apple delivers iMacs supporting Intel's 7th Gen Core. Will Intel supply Apple's 2016 iMacs with these new chips ahead of schedule in the hopes of gaining more business from Apple, or will we have to wait like everyone else? While the former is likely the reality of the matter, we can always hope for the latter. Just don't hold your breath.


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