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With Samsung's ongoing problems over their exploding Galaxy Note 7 smartphones, the US product safety and testing non-profit organization Consumer Reports has now stepped in calling on Samsung to initiate an official recall of all of its Galaxy Note 7 smartphones. To date, Samsung has not officially followed protocol which shows that Samsung is either ignorant of the law or is trying to play a dangerous marketing game.




Maria Rerecich, Consumer Reports director of electronics testing stated that ''Samsung should immediately initiate an official recall with the Consumer Product Safety Commission given the serious nature of the safety problem it identified with the Galaxy Note7."


The report further noted that "If Samsung was initiating the recall process, its first step would be to immediately report any issues to the CPSC. According to the Consumer Product Safety Act, two of the criteria for reporting are if the product "contains a defect which could create a substantial product hazard," or "creates an unreasonable risk of serious injury or death."


The CPSC would then evaluate these reports and determine if corrective action is required. The agency also works with companies to determine the scope, hazard, and remedy, and makes recommendations.


In addition, the CPSC has the ability to pursue a recall with a company after it investigates reports of problems received from consumers or other stakeholders such as safety advocates."


Consumer Reports discovered that despite a halt in sales from Samsung, some retailers were still offering the phone for sale.


A full recall under CPSC would require the return of all smartphones sold and an immediate halt of sales from all retail outlets, not just from the manufacturer.


This will cost retailers who sold the Note 7 a lot of time handling the returns.


On a last note, It's being reported in Korea that the South Korea's National Assembly took up the Samsung recall issue on Monday. Representative Lee Chan-yeol of the main opposition Minjoo Party of Korea said that "Samsung must be transparent about information related to the case, and come up with plans for compensation and recurrence preventions."


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