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Do you remember back in June when we learned that the director of the FBI James Comey and Facebook's CEO Mark Zuckerberg taped over the cameras on their respective computers? I've been doing that for years prior to those revelations and I'm sure that many of you are nodding your heads in the affirmative right now for doing the same. It was just creepy to know that these cameras were fairly simple to hack and that someone could be watching you or know when you weren't home. I always wondered why Apple's Jony Ive didn't create a simple sliding element that would cover the camera when not in use or an almost invisible button like the on/off button on an iMac next to the camera to turn it on or off quickly with a red and green light system to indicate the status of the camera. To date, Samsung appears to be one of the few OEMs that are considering a solution for users wanting to control their computer camera and I hope that Apple will too. Would you like to see such a solution? Let your opinions be made known below.


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