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In March Patently Apple posted a report covering LG's introduction to their next generation of wraparound OLED solutions that could eventually lead to some interesting smart device designs from LG, Apple, Samsung and others. The smart bracelet category of devices will greatly benefit from displays that could be created from a single display that's flexible enough to wraparound a user's wrist.


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In 2013 an Apple patent application surfaced illustrating a future wraparound slap bracelet device design that could double as a smartwatch as noted below based on an AMOLED display.


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Earlier this month a Samsung patent filing came to light covering an interim solution. Until full wraparound displays are available in the market, Samsung has designed a smartwatch bracelet that's made up of mini-display band links that when snapped in together form a contiguous seamless display. The information on the display could be automatically oriented to face the user accordingly as noted below. The smartwatch will also be able to present TV content. For more on this invention, read the full Patently Mobile report here.



Samsung recently touted that they want to beat Apple to market each and every year with industry leading innovation. Their goal going forward is to rob Apple of this mantle by delivering 'meaningful innovations' a month ahead of Apple's usual September roll out of the next iPhone.


Even though Apple's patent filing was ahead of anything Samsung had on record, they're determined to show that they'll be the ones to be first with this idea just for the sake of beating Apple to market and keeping them from being perceived as the leading innovator in the market.


Samsung wants to prove that Apple's short blip of innovation with the iPod, iTunes, the iPhone and iPad are now over and that the innovation mantle belongs to them. To date, most of Samsung's so-called innovations are lightweight in the form of things like the Galaxy VR, a headset that simply houses a smartphone, an iris scanner which has yet to be proven as useful and tiny bent edges on a smartphone's display which puts the phone at more risk of cracking in a fall. Samsung has yet to hit a home run with anything 'meaningful' thus far and until they do, it's just more empty bravado and marketing fluff as usual.


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