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If you're shopping for an iPad Pro and maybe even looking at a few keyboard alternatives to Apple's Smart Keyboard, then you're in luck. Two reviews this week might help you narrow your search. The first review is from the Verge's Sam Byford who has reviewed Razer's new iPad Pro mechanical keyboard that he describes as "indulgent typing heaven." The iPad Pro is Byford's favorite writing machine nowadays, even though Apple's Smart Keyboard is only passable. As one that loves using mechanical keyboards, the Razer's new US$129 keyboard for the 12.9" iPad Pro was a prayer answered. Razer claims to have the world's low-profile mechanical switches as we noted in a graphic below.


Of course the design won't please everyone and the kickstand is a little awkward. But as a keyboard it's a dream and Byford says that "This is a legitimate breakthrough for mobile keyboards, which have never been truly great and in some cases have actually gotten worse of late." I concur. After using low profile keyboards for years I threw out my last one our and tried a Razer mechanical keyboard, my first. Even though it's noisier, it's wickedly fast and built to last. For more on Byford's review, click here. To learn more about the keyboard directly from Razer, click here.



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But if mechanical keyboards aren't your thing, then check out Walt Mossberg's review of the Logitech keyboard for the iPad Pro. Mossberg says that "Between the right-sized iPad Pro and the new Logitech Create, I think using an iPad instead of your laptop for productivity as well as consumption is finally a pleasure. If you can afford the price, and love the iPad, the solution is now out there." For more on Mossberg's full review of the Logitech keyboard for the 9.7" iPad Pro, click here or check it out yourself at Logitech here.


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