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While most Android sites have reported on a new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 exploding in China, Business Korea reported today that a "Korean woman claimed that Samsung Electronics' latest smartphone Galaxy Note 7 exploded while charging. The woman posted photos showing the severely damaged phone in an online community called "Ppomppu," which is frequently visited by smartphone users, on August 24. PhoneArena reported on this and claimed that it was an incident in China.



Business Korea noted that the Korean woman said "My boyfriend's Galaxy Note 7 exploded while charging at night. It's been less than a week since he started using the phone on the 19th. I woke up by the bang and the smell of smoke. Fortunately, we were not injured in the incident and only our blanket was little burnt."


Images posted on the online community show a Galaxy Note 7 severely damaged on the left side, black and burnt on the back and the front, in the aftermath of the explosion.


Other users who saw the photos said, "It seems that there are problems in the battery rather than the charger" and "I will leave the phone on the table, far away from where I go to sleep at night."


PhoneArena noted that "Unfortunately, no one can tell how the accident was provoked, only that it happened during charging with a micro USB to Type C converter for the cable."


Of course one exploding Note 7 doesn't mean this will be an ongoing problem with Samsung's new smartphone, though I'm sure it'll put new owners or potential owners in an uneasy position when it's time to recharge. But until more incidents arise, it's likely to be a rare occurrence.


While on the topic of the Note 7 battery, the Guardian noted today that "Battery life is slightly disappointing. The Note 7 charges really fast, hitting 70% in 50 minutes via the included USB-C fast charger, but the battery won't last much more than a day without special treatment."


Earlier this week Android Central posted a report titled "How to fix Galaxy Note 7 battery life problems,"


On the flip side, earlier this month it was reported that an iPhone exploded in Australia causing the owner severe burns. 


Coincidentally Patently Apple posted a patent report on Saturday titled "Apple Invents a Dendrite-Resistant Battery that Reduces Overheating and More," which showed Apple currently working on battery overheating issues.


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