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Back in February egotistical and angry Kanye West said bye-bye to Apple fans vowing his new album 'The Life of Pablo' would never, ever be on Apple Music or iTunes. Then the following month, Kanye reversed his vow and his new album was available on Apple Music and other services. And just this week, the ever confused Kanye announced he was going to release 'Saint Pablo' as an exclusive on Apple Music.


The contradictory actions taken by Kanye angered one Chicago resident who filed a $5 million dollar class action lawsuit against Tidal and Kanye West for misleading consumers by having them believe The Life of Pablo would only be available on Tidal, only for it to pop up on other streaming services six weeks later.


In the lawsuit, filed on behalf of consumer Justin Baker-Rhett, law firm Edelson PC accuse Tidal and West of using the lure of a one-month free trial as well as West's "exclusive" album to boost membership for the streaming service that was, in their words, "quietly teetering on the brink of collapse." "Consumers were uniformly tricked into handling over their private data and credit card information by a singular mistruth," the lawsuit reads.


In a statement to Rolling Stone, Edelson PC founder and CEO Jay Edelson said, "Kanye has the power to send one tweet out into the world and get 2 million people to act on it. This suit is about holding him accountable when he abuses that power."


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