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Symantec Korea, the local subsidiary of the world's largest security software provider, revealed yesterday that the amount of Android malware last year increased by 40% to a whopping 13,783 cases. How many were found on iOS? Symantec's CTO revealed that there were only nine cases. Is that crazy or what?


Symantec Korea's CTO Patrick Youn was speaking at a press conference in Seoul yesterday to unveil its annual security report talking about the rise of malware. The area of the Internet of Things (IoT) market is the greatest concern going forward. While speaking, Youn couldn't resist talking about Apple's war with the FBI.


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Youn expressed his opinion by stating that "the U.S. government and Apple may have to find the middle ground to end the high-profile controversy over the FBI's recent cracking of an iPhone. The case lies between the national interest and users' privacy. As a third party, we are not in a position to say which one is more important. But both sides may have to settle the issue by narrowing their differences and finding the middle ground." No suggestion was given as what the "middle ground" could mean security wise.


So what does Apple's CEO Tim Cook think of balance when it comes to end-to-end encryption? Well, we posted a report on that in January titled "Apple's CEO Rebukes Washington's need for 'Balance' between National Security and Consumer Privacy." In short, Cook's public stance thus far is that balance just doesn't exist.


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