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Yesterday CNBC interviewed the CEO of LeEco who stated that Apple is "outdated." LeEco was called LeTV last year and its CEO Jia Yueting is the nutcase that likened Apple to Hitler. Apple makes the premium smartphone on the planet and makes more profit than all of the Android OEMs combined. They're the number brand for 2015 and ranked by Forbes as the World's most valuable brand. So where is Le-whatever on these lists? Of course they're nowhere to be found.


They introduced smartphones this week that are bulky and just me-too Android styled smartphones that are inferior to Samsung's S7 or even the new designs from Huawei and HTC. You could take a look at one in a 9to5Google video report here.


A car is like a smartphone with four wheels, said LeEco's CEO. Oh the wisdom. Yet last year Apple's Senior VP of operations Jeff Williams said that "The car is the ultimate mobile device, isn't it?" So this Chinese copycat isn't even original on that single point.


Until LeEco or LeCopycat can deliver a number one smartphone, a number one electric car or make a profit that's at least one-tenth that Apple makes, why is CNBC or anyone giving this loud mouth a platform saying Apple is outdated? I thought that the anti-Trump movement were a bunch of idiots but the anti-Apple movement is just as nuts. For now, LeEco has LeZero worth noting.




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