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Earlier today we posted a report titled "The FBI is Reportedly Working with an Israeli Firm to Unlock the San Bernardino iPhone 5c." Now we're learning a few more details about Cellebrite from another Israeli newspaper that's very interesting.


According to a new Israeli news report today, "Cellebrite's Advanced Investigative Services (CAIS) offers global law enforcement agencies a breakthrough service to unlock Apple devices running iOS 8.x."


Cellebrite told the paper that "This unique capability is the first of its kind – unlocking Apple devices running iOS 8.x in a forensically sound manner and without any hardware intervention or risk of device wipe."


Established in 1999, Cellebrite was acquired in 2007 by FutureDial Incorporated and one of its major shareholders, Japan's Sun Corporation, but the company's R&D is still based in Petah Tikvah. Among its innovations, Cellebrite distributes a system to storeowners that allows them to unlock phones that customers bring in for repair, but who forget to supply their passwords.


More relevant to the FBI are the services offered by the company's Mobile Forensics division. The company works with government and private digital forensic investigators in more than 60 countries, helping to analyze data on cellphones and in the cloud; And, most importantly, unlocking iPhones.


According to Cellebrite, "One of the greatest challenges faced in the forensic industry today is the need to quickly access mobile device evidence from locked Apple devices running iOS 8. Even with the most sophisticated mobile forensics tools and technology available, additional expertise and skills are required to unlock these devices. Cellebrite has a unique unlock capability for devices running iOS 8.x that will provide you with unprecedented access to evidence you can stand behind." Whether the company can unlock iPhones with iOS 9x is unknown.


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