See Apple's Brief and Brilliant 9.7" Promotional iPad Pro Video
Today, Apple updated us about the Benefits of ResearchKit and introduced us to a Spinoff called 'CareKit'

Apple Introduces Liam, an Intelligent Salvaging Machine with a Personality

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One of the more fascinating parts of Apple's special event today was actually about something that wasn't for sale. It was about Apple's new robotic arm that they simply call 'Liam.' Apple has at least two patents on robotic arms on record (one and two) but Liam is in a new class altogether. Liam doesn't build or finish iPhones, it deconstructs them and separates all of their components into special recycling bins so that every part and every metal is properly removed for purposeful recycling. Perhaps when Liam grows up he just might be able to build the Apple Car. Everything has to start at the bottom and work their way up, even Apple's Liam. Apple's brief 1:05 video tells the whole story.


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