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Apple Files Liquid Metal Patent for new Material that is Tough, Corrosion Resistant & Ductile


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Yesterday, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office published yet another liquid metal related patent application regarding zirconium and hafnium based BGM alloys. Apple's work with liquid metal had generally remained a secret until the Apple Watch. In Apple's literature they hide the term 'liquid metal' and replace it with a distinct description (shown in our cover graphic): "our metallurgists engineered an entirely new alloy that's up to twice as hard as standard gold." Apple's latest liquid metal based invention covers the combining of zirconium and hafnium to create future materials that are favorable for glass forming, strength, toughness, bending ductility and corrosion resistance. This is an extremely technical patent filing that unfortunately sheds no light on what Apple could apply this new liquid metal alloy to in the future.


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There's a dedicated Apple Fan niche that loves to follow all developments regarding liquid metal. For those fans and enthusiasts, review Apple's latest patent application 20160032435 here. Apple filed their patent application on July 30, 2015. No patent figures were available.


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