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First there was the UK's proposed Investigatory Powers Bill that Apple's CEO slammed and the thought of a similar bill coming to the U.S. had Tim Cook lashing out at the Government last week. It's now being reported that a bill is currently making its way through the New York state assembly that would require smartphone manufacturers to build in the ability for law enforcement to decrypt or unlock phones on demand.


The bill requires that "any smartphone manufactured on or after January 1, 2016, and sold or leased in New York, shall be capable of being decrypted and unlocked by its manufacturer or its operating system provider."


Assemblyman Matt Titone — who introduced the bill last summer, and referred it to committee just last week — also proposed a $2,500 fine for each device that doesn't comply with the requirement.


The Next Web notes that "The bill hasn't been voted on by the assembly or state senate, but could completely change the narrative of the encryption debate if passed."


If the bill passes unamended, could the iPhone 6s be the last model that offers end-to-end encryption? The questions remain are many. Will we see other key States pass similar legislation? Will Apple wait for recommendations set by the McCain, Feinstein Senate Intelligence Committee? And more importantly, will Apple take a stand and defy New York's potential new law? Stay tuned because this issue is bound to be with us for most of 2016 until everything gets ironed out and emotions are put in check.


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