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10.4 - Patent Application

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Today, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office published patent applications from Apple that indicate that they're revisiting their technologies that are related to indoor parking, and more importantly, a possible future iPhone with a wraparound display. This week our Patently Mobile blog reported on a new LG design patent. The design was for a possible future smartphone that would have a full wraparound display. We pointed out in that report that Apple had a patent for such an iPhone going back to 2013. Though in fact Apple has two patents on this concept here and here. The latter Apple patent was shown to use a liquid metal process to achieve the iPhone's design. Today, Apple is once again fine tuning that invention in patent application number 20160018852. The original patent filing that we reported on was discovered in Europe's Patent Office database.


Another patent application that surfaced today shows that Apple is revisiting their indoor parking invention that we originally covered back in April 2013. Today's patent application 20160019787 is titled "Method for Locating a Vehicle" builds on that invention.


And lastly, for liquid metal fans, there's a new patent filing published today under number 20160017460 which you could explore to your hearts content titled "Freefall Forming of Bulk Metallic Glass Feedstock and sheet Material."


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