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10.4 - Patent Application


In late November Apple was granted their first patent for a new kind of battery known as the solid-state battery. Such batteries could be used for mobile and wearable devices as well as cars, according to Toyota. Last week we quickly discovered that this single granted patent had now mushroomed into being a a new focused trend with four new patent applications for this next-gen battery on record. Every Apple fan on the planet wants to have longer lasting battery life to keep their iDevices running all day and hopefully for many days without recharging. Whether solid state batteries will be Apple's final answer to our battery woes is unknown at this time, but for those in this field that want to know more about what Apple is thinking about regarding this new technology, check out the following patent Applications that surfaced last week at the US Patent and Trademark Office:


1) Thin Film Battery with Magnetic Components

2) Thin Film Battery Structures Having Sloped Cell Sidewalls

3) Devices And Methods For Reducing Battery Defects, and

4) Thin Film Battery Assemblies


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